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13. 2023. FULL-HD.

13. 2023. FULL-HD.
Mica (13) is in her last swimming class before summer. She immerses us in her adolescent world through the subjective camera, her mobile being an extension of herself. Through the friends' chat, they talk about a mysterious video that some want to upload to the networks, even glimpsing the danger involved if parents and teachers discover that they are the authors and protagonists of it. MICA travels with her family to the town where she spends the summer. There he meets JAUME (13) his great childhood friend, but it seems that MICA no longer has the same tastes as always. However, she is completely in love with her boyfriend RICHI (16), who shows her how to function in the world of reggaeton and seх.
Director: Màriam Celaya.
Cast: Joan Alamar, Lucía Pastor, Mireia Pérez, Adrián Álvarez.
Spain, 2023.
Languages: Catalan.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 FULL-HD
Download 13. 2023.
13. 2023. FULL-HD.
13. 2023. FULL-HD.


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