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Tata / Dad. 2022. HD.

Tata / Dad. 2022. HD.
Michal is a truck driver and a single father raising his daughter Miska. Long hours behind the wheel, loneliness and constant life on the road are his everyday life. The most important thing is to get the goods on time. When he is on the road, his Ukrainian neighbor looks after his daughter. Her granddaughter Lena and Miska are inseparable. When the Ukrainian nanny suddenly dies, Michal takes the girls with him on a journey. Roadside parking lots, life on the road, border, and finally a meeting with Lenka's family in Ukraine is an important lesson in sisterhood for girls, growing up in the world of the periphery of Europe that is changing before their eyes. Ukraine, which for Lenka is a symbol of home and wonderful childhood, will turn out to be a place troubled by the hardships of life and the struggles of heroes. For Michal, the compulsory journey is the time of growing up to be a dad. Thanks to her, he may finally stop running from his demons and discover what is really the most important in his life.
Director: Anna Maliszewska.
Cast: Eryk Lubos, Klaudia Kurak, Polina Gromova, Sonia Roszczuk, Mariia Svizhynska, Zofia Jankowska, Joanna Gonschorek, Jacek Grondowy, Michal Wlodarczyk, Marta Malikowska, Oksana Cherkashyna, Sergei Solovyov.
Poland, 2022.
Language: Polish.
1280x720 HD
Download Tata / Dad. 2022.
Tata / Dad. 2022. HD.
Tata / Dad. 2022. HD.


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