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Miss Violence. 2013. FULL-HD.

Miss Violence. 2013. FULL-HD.
Miss Violence is a 2013 Greek psychological thriller film directed by Alexandros Avranas. It revolves around a family whose young granddaughter mysteriously committed suicide. The film was nominated upon its release for 8 Hellenic Film Academy Awards.
To celebrate Aggeliki's eleventh birthday, her family throws a party at their house. All the components of a successful gathering are present, including a mouthwatering cake covered in sugar glaze, upbeat music, and the warm embrace of a doting grandfather. But appearances can be deceiving. And as a sudden act of despair chills everyone's bones to the marrow, shocking secrets scream to come to light. More and more, the chronic violence chips away at the household's elaborate façade, and the horrendous family tragedy perpetuated behind closed doors traps wolves and lambs alike in an intricate web of lies. The dark depths of the human soul are unfathomable. Can warm, bright-red blood absolve the sinners of the atrocious crimes inflicted upon others?
According to the director, Alexandros Avranas, the film is based on a true story which is much more violent than what the film depicts.
Director: Alexandros Avranas.
Cast: Themis Panou, Reni Pittaki, Eleni Roussinou, Sissy Toumasi, Kalliopi Zontanou, Constantinos Athanasiades, Giorgos Gerontidakis-Sempetadelis, Maria Skoula, Chloe Bolota, Maria Kallimani, Anna Koutsaftiki, Stefanos Kosmidis, Giorgos Symeonidis, Anna Koutsaftiki.
Greece, 2013.
Language: Greek.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 FULL-HD
Download Miss Violence. 2013.
Miss Violence. 2013. FULL-HD.
Miss Violence. 2013. FULL-HD.


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