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Anthology of short films. Part 28.

Anthology of short films. Part 28.
The twenty-eighth collection of short fiction films, traditionally from different countries and nations, from different times - from retro to new products and completely different content that does not look at each other, exactly 5 short films - the oldest and most amusing of them in 1932...
1. Sokolik / Vanadzins.
By the same story by Vilis Latsis.
The film tells about a little boy, the son of a fisherman, whom his father calls Sokolik. Every day, the father goes to sea, and the boy is left alone...
Director: Janis Dzenitis.
Cast: Ainars Gailis, Daumants Milgravis, Leva Murniece, Janis Jaudzems, Modris Verners, Vilnis Rozentals, Andris Bickovskis.
USSR, Riga Film Studio, 1978.
Language: Latvian.
2. War Babies.
A group of soldiers in a cafe watch a dancer as she entertains them, but later two of them become rivals over her.
Director: Charles Lamont.
Cast Shirley Temple, Georgie Billings, Eugene Butler
USA, 1932.
3. Rotkappchen.
Little Red Riding Hood lives with her mother and five brothers in a village house on the outskirts of the forest. Since the father died, the brothers work as loggers to provide for the family. A girl helps her mother in the household...
Director: Walter Janssen.
Cast: Maren Bielenberg, Elinor von Wallerstein, Ellen Frank, Wolfgang Eichberger, Питер Леманн / Peter Lehmann, Michael Beutner, Rudolf Gerhofer, Готц Вульф / Gotz Wolf, Helge Lehmann.
West Germany, 1956.
Language: German.
4. Veo veo.
Argentina, 1977. A class project leads 8-year-old Juancho to discover the shocking truth behind his father's two year absence.
Director: Benjamin Avila.
Argentina, 2011.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
5. Tabu.
Short film, Danish, fresh, 2011, the content should remain taboo ...)))
Anthology of short films. Part 28.
Anthology of short films. Part 28.

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